I looked it up, I looked it up;

even finding it was a surprise!

so I

wanted to tell you about serendipity,

how things happen suddenly:

half finished lunches on the way to work,

static books on a shelf,

empty boxes,

particular tastes for freeform jazz

and paintings on walls; cold walls,

that is…

wanted to talk about all those frilly little things that happen:

the snow on my lips on my way to the square,

your trail of funnies as we spoke of schenectady and connectivity and how the ground gets slippery

and the cost of living and the seasons of New England

and your dogs and my dog

and the technique and your palette and photography and loading and downloading and the thought of ever meeting again, probably in may, with the sun glaring from another angle,

and how I…

I just never wanted it end;

would have made them wait forever if I had to

but I guess that’s sort of the things that happen when the times turn slippery

as chance would have it: serendipity

funny little incidents

or like Ross would say: funny little accidents

- Boston, February 2008

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"Had I known I was dead
I would have mourned my loss of life"

- Ota Dokan

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